School & Library Moving

Time to go to school! Moving school that is-with HMS Van Lines. HMS has engineered moves for every major university in the Boston area and all over Massachusetts. Relocating an area of a school such as the library can be challenging and may take a considerable amount of time and planning. HMS offers pre-move planning services for library and book moving. We can tailor a move that works for your school or organization. In Boston, there are schools and libraries that are moving shipments frequently. Sometimes it’s a lab move and other times it is relocating the library to another area of the university while the floors are being re-done. HMS is proficient at the Dewey Decimal System and our crews are trained in cataloging and sequencing for packing books and files. Moving a school requires proper planning and manpower. HMS has one of the largest moving crews in Boston and all of Massachusetts and our office staff has several qualified planners. HMS is a Boston based school and library mover that has done work for Harvard University, Boston College, North Eastern, UNC, Washington University, Duke University and many, many more.

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