Moving Basics

Moving your home, apartment, Office or Laboratory can be easy and stress-free if you follow some easy steps from the pros at HMS Van Lines. We are offering several tips and hints on how to plan, prepare, pack and purge. We call it the 4 Ps!

HMS Van Lines wants to see you properly PLAN for your move: Make a list of what you need to do to make the move happen successfully and economically. First, collect three estimates from reputable and nationally affiliated area movers. Next, decide on a mover. Once you have decided on a mover and you have selected a moving date or dates, you may begin to PREPARE for your move.

Notify your children’s schools and complete all change of address forms and be sure to begin to transfer all records such as dentist or Doctor’s. Be sure to make a list of all bills that need to be paid before you leave. Don’t forget to secure utilities forms and any school or association/town entry forms necessary at your new destination. Collect or purchase quality moving containers suitable for you to PACK your loose household goods items into. (If you have selected a full packing option offered by HMS then you do not have to worry about this phase of the preparation) Collect or purchase tape, packing paper and bubble wrap and also markers to note on your boxes. Note: We make certain boxes for certain items. i.e.-Dish boxes are made especially for fragile items such as lamps or dishes ir fragile bowls. Anything fragile and delicate that will fit into the 18” x 18” x 28” or 5.2 cubic foot carton. Book boxes are designed for smaller and heavier items such as books or files and school/office papers. Make sure that you watch one of the many HMS packing videos hosted online at Remember, it is always best to ask questions to any representative at one of our call centers if you are unsure of how or when to pack something.

When you are in the midst packing and after you have finished packing, it is always best to go through every item and discard items that you do not want or need. PURGING is the key to managing your load and making sure that you are Traveling as light as possible!

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