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We can transport full freezers on our AC generator equipped trucks with 220-volt receptacles.Just the thought of moving an entire laboratory, including all of the lab equipment and delicate machinery can be daunting when moving from the area. Fortunately, we are professional Boston laboratory movers and we understand just how to care for the delicate and valuable laboratory equipment that needs to be moved. 

At HMS Van Lines, we have experience moving lab equipment in and out of Boston and we know how to work directly with our clients to ensure that the move goes as planned.

Lab Equipment Moving Companies

Experience is key to being one of the largest and best lab equipment and laboratory moving companies in Boston. HMS Van Lines has moved some very delicate and important laboratories from certified labs, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research and development facilities and medical offices and our movers are trained to handle these jobs with care and attentiveness. We have moved the frozen cryogenics labs at MIT, Harvard University and Princeton University!

Not only do we move lab equipment and entire laboratories, but we will also pack everything carefully and deliver it as needed to the new location. Our movers are trained to handle everything delicately and we know how important it is that each piece of lab equipment is unpacked and carefully organized at the new location.

Equipment to Move a Lab

HMS Van Lines has moved large centrifuges and PCR machines, as well as biological specimen and frozen materials. Not only are we experienced lab equipment movers and laboratory movers, we are also equipped with the best transport trucks for your laboratory moves. Our generator-equipped trucks can keep frozen biological materials at specific temperatures, and we know how to pack and ship frozen materials so that they remain at the required temperatures for the entire move. Do you want to plug in your -80 freezer and move it full? Not a problem! Every HMS truck has a full generator system with 220-volt plugs and we even have a back up freezer just in case yours goes down.

You can rely on us to be your Boston lab equipment and all around laboratory movers!

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